Using IVIS

IVIS produces reports on companies in relation to compliance with corporate governance best practice. These are available for purchase by Purchasers, or for viewing and downloading by IVIS Subscribers.

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Within each IVIS Report, there are three main areas. The Proxy Report offers a commentary on the resolutions proposed at a meeting. The Corporate Governance Code Report covers board and committee composition and information on Auditor tenure and the level of audit and non-audit fees, while the third report covers Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) issues. ESG Reports are given a rating in line with the recommendations of the Guidelines on Responsible Investment Disclosure. 

Report Colour Coding

The Proxy Report and the Corporate Governance Code Report are each issued with a colour coded header, or Top, which helps to highlight the severity of issues to be considered. For clarity, and to aid those who print in black and white, the header states both the Report type and the Colour Code.
The colour showing the strongest concern is Red, followed by Amber which raises awareness to particular elements of the report. A Blue Top indicates no areas of major concern, while a Green Top indicates an issue that has now been resolved. The issue which is driving the colour top is clearly outlined in the Key Issues section of the IVIS Report.
While the Colour Codes are a useful guide, they should be considered together with the STATUS Bar of the report and, if appropriate, the conclusion. The STATUS Bar is found at the end of each note and is highlighted in bold type.