An IVIS subscription

Who subscribes to IVIS?

Members of the UK and international investment community subscribe to IVIS to help them analyse corporate governance disclosures and exercise their voting rights. In addition, brokers, lawyers, PR and remuneration consultants, and accountants subscribe to gain a clearer picture of the market and to improve the advice they offer to their clients.

Why do they subscribe?

The IVIS service does more than analyse the AGM or GM resolutions, IVIS provides a full analysis of the Remuneration Policies and Reports, the Corporate Governance structures and board composition and Audit related matters through the analysis of Auditor tenure and non-audit fees. It also has a powerful search function which allows you to analyse the IVIS database, on Executive Remuneration, Governance and ESG matters. IVIS provides weekly updates of all the companies that have been covered, along with their status. Find out more about these features.

What is included in your subscription?

An IVIS subscription offers access to the IVIS website for an unlimited number of users within your organisation. Each user will get their own username which provides access to all the current and historic IVIS Reports. IVIS analyses all companies in the FTSE All Share Index and the top 50 companies in the FTSE Fledgling Index. The reports are concise and we aim to publish them three weeks before the meeting date. This saves our Subscribers time, particularly in the busy UK voting season. Find out more about the many benefits of subscribing to IVIS.

Find out more

For more information on IVIS, our subscription rates or for a free trial, please contact a member of the IVIS team.