Features of IVIS

Scope of IVIS
IVIS monitors all companies in the FTSE All-Share Index and the top 50 companies in the FTSE Fledgling Index for compliance with corporate governance best practice, the IA Guidelines and the UK Corporate Governance Code which is administered by the Financial Reporting Council (FRC). An IVIS Report is produced for all Annual and General Meetings based on information presented within the Annual Report or company meeting notices.

Reach of IVIS
IVIS has a broad range of Subscribers including The Investment Association members, Remuneration Consultants, Corporate Advisors and Lawyers. 

Style of IVIS
The IVIS team analyse every AGM and GM before producing a concise report with all the key information on voting matters, the UK Corporate Governance Code, and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues. Where necessary, the company will be contacted to provide further information that may appear in the report.

This gives investors the ability to quickly identify the key issues before voting, or to use as a basis for further research or company contact.

Report Colour Coding
IVIS does not provide voting recommendations. Each report is Colour Coded to reflect any breaches of best practice or to highlight areas of concern. The colour showing the strongest concern is Red, followed by Amber, which shows a significant issue to be considered. A Blue Top indicates no areas of major concern, while a Green Top indicates an issue that has now been resolved.

Search Tools
All site users can access the Company Search. This can be used to find companies and determine which corresponding IVIS Reports have been produced. Subscribers to IVIS can access Advanced Search tool which allows Subscribers to conduct complex searches on particular issues such as which reports have been amber topped; the level of audit or non-audit fees; new long term incentive plans; or remuneration trends.

Report Alerts and Favourites
Subscribers and Purchasers can set favourites so that they will receive an email alert when an IVIS Report for a particular company has been published online. In addition, these meetings will appear in your list of favourite meetings on the welcome page, when you first log-in.

Weekly Emails
The weekly email has been a feature of the IVIS service for many years. It allows users to see which IVIS Reports have been published in the previous week, with a short synopsis of any which have been Red or Amber Topped. This is particularly important during the reporting season when up to 60 reports may be written per week.