About The Investment Association

Making Investment Better

The Investment Association represents UK investment managers. Our 250 members manage more than £8.8 trillion for clients around the world.

Put simply, our purpose is to make investment better. Better for clients, so they achieve their financial goals. Better for companies, so they get the capital they need to grow. And better for the economy, so the country prospers.

We cover every link in the investment chain:

  • We work with investors, helping them to understand the industry and the options available to them. We know investing can seem daunting, so we work hard to make it clear and accessible.
  • We work with investment managers, promoting high standards and the need to put clients first. Our work includes helping members to manage money efficiently and communicate effectively.
  • We work with the companies we invest in, helping them to achieve better long-term results and, ultimately, greater returns for investors and the economy.
  • We work with regulators and governments around the world. We’ve built close, trusting relationships with these bodies and play an active role in shaping the rules that govern the industry.
  • We work with the media, making sure we’re always part of the debate. No one is better placed to talk about what the industry is doing and why.

Ultimately, clients depend on our members for their financial wellbeing. We take that responsibility very seriously and strive to support them to achieve the best returns possible.