About IVIS

Developed in 1993, IVIS is one of the UK’s leading providers of corporate governance research. The service has developed from the low key, proactive, but non-confrontational approach to corporate governance adopted by The Investment Association.

IVIS does not provide voting recommendations instead it highlights issues or concerns for its subscribers to consider prior to voting through the unique Colour Tops.

Members of the UK and international investment community subscribe to the IVIS service to help them exercise their voting rights and to enable them to make more informed voting decisions. In addition, brokers, lawyers, PR and remuneration consultants, and accountants subscribe to give them a clearer picture of the market and to improve the advice they give to their clients.

Features of IVIS
The IVIS service does more than analyse Annual Reports and Notice of Meetings. It also has a powerful search function, and provides weekly updates of all the Companies that have been covered that week, along with their status. Find out more about these features.
Benefits of IVIS
Our reports are concise and we aim to publish them three weeks before the meeting date. This saves our Subscribers time, particularly in the busy UK voting season. Find out more about the many benefits of subscribing to IVIS. 

Subscriber Services
Subscribers have access to many extra features and enhanced functionality on the site. If you are already a Subscriber please Log On

Purchasing Reports
Visitors are able to purchase individual IVIS Reports. You can also request to be alerted to the publication of any IVIS Reports for any company of your choice. Learn more about Purchasing Reports.